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Coaxial Cable


Single solid conductor, PE Insulated.


These Coaxial Cables are available in 50ohm and 75ohm Plain Annealed Copper wire Braided, PVC Sheathed. They are used in internal wiring of RF communication equipment.
Coaxial Cables are a mainstay in area of high frequency transmission and they cover the whole range of radio frequencies. Used in computer networks, Communication and industrial control system, CATV and military installations.
They provide uniform characteristic impedance with low losses, low propagation delays with crosstalk kept to a minimum.

Specification : Refer to JIS C 3501

Characteristic Impedance : 50ohm and 75ohm


Conductors :
Annealed, Circula, Solid or Stranded

Insulation :

Low Density PE (Polyethylene)

Screen :
Layer of Bare Copper Wires Braiding

Sheath :

Colour  :
Insulation - Natural
Sheath - Black or White

Extra Low Loss  :

On Special Application

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