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Company Profile
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Our Company


SAMA KEBEL SDN BHD ( Company No. 221017-H ) is inaugurated on the 17th July 1991 under the Companies Act, 1965 as a private limited company. With the aim of "Building for the Future", SAMA KEBEL has built itself a sterling reputation specialising in the manufacturing of wires and cables up to 1,000V ( low voltage range ). As a Malaysian company, SAMA KEBEL has naturally aspired to use materials of Malaysian origin and local personnel.


Our factory is most strategically situated in the town of Rawang Perdana Industrial Estate, state of Selangor Darul Ehsan, a mere 25 kilometers from the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, making our factory premises link by modern expressways to market centres and ports around the country. Our Rawang Perdana operation site has an area of total about 4 acres.




Corporate Information






1.   Country of Incorporation



2.   Legal Form


Company limited by shares

3.   Date of Incorporation


17 July 1991

4.   Company Registration No.


221017 – H

5.   GST Registration No.



6.   Business Address


Lot 16, Jalan RP 3,

Rawang Perdana Industrial Estate,

48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan,


7.   Tel


+ 60 – 3 – 6092 1353

8.   Fax


+ 60 – 3 – 6092 1352

9.   Website


http : // www . samakebel . com

10. Email


yuh @ samakebel . com

11. Authorised Capital


RM25,000,000 (as at 31.12.2007)

Comprising 25,000,000 shares

12. Issued and Paid-up Capital


RM10,560,002 (as at 31.12.2007)

Comprising 10,560,002 shares





Our Products


The core business of SAMA KEBEL is primarily focused on the manufacturing of low voltage copper wires & cables ( up to 1,000V ). SAMA KEBEL has the capability to produce a wide selection of Electric Power, Lighting, Internal Wiring, Control and Instrumentation copper wires and cables, including but not limited to the following:


·         PVC or Low Smoke Halogen Free ( LSHF ) Wires

·         PVC or LSHF Flexible Cables

·         PVC or XLPE or LSHF Non-Armoured Cable

·         PVC or XLPE or LSHF Armoured Cable

·         Multi-core PVC or XLPE or LSHF Non-Armoured Cable

·         Multi-core PVC or XLPE or LSHF Armoured Cable

Ø  Galvanised Steel Wire Armoured;

Ø  Galvanised Steel Wire Braided;

Ø  Stainless Steel Wire Braided;

Ø  Copper Wire Braided etc.

·         Multi-core Screened Control Cable

Ø  Al-PET Overall Screened;

Ø  Al-PET Individual and Overall Screened;

Ø  Copper Tape Screened;

Ø  Copper Wire Screened;

Ø  Copper Wire Braided Screened;

Ø  Tinned Copper Wire Braided Screened etc.

·         FiRLL Fire Resistant Non-Armoured Cable

·         FiRLL Fire Resistant Armoured Cable

·         Telephone Cables (Multi-pairs)

·         Welding Cables

·         Other products include:

Ø  Auto cables

Ø  Coaxial cable for household as well as industrial purposes.


Our service includes manufacturing tailor-made cables to suit clients’ specifications upon request to suit variety of system and installation requirements, including but not limited to adhering to clients’ specific cable construction, such as multi-pairs, multi-cores, armoured and stranded versions, using RoHS compliance materials and special sheathing materials such as termite protection, rodent protection, ultra-violet protection, flame retardant etc. The cable sheath colour can also be customised.



Quality Assurance



SAMA KEBEL is an MS ISO 9001 accredited company with SIRIM (Standard Institute and Research in Malaysia) and; Suruhanjaya Tenaga approval and Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia approval. The number one aim of SAMA KEBEL is to be a leader in providing quality and reliability to our customers. Our policies include working towards total customers’ satisfaction with competitive price, prompt delivery and quality product. SAMA KEBEL updates its employees on the latest developments in the industry as well as increases their know-how by sending them to various courses throughout the year as and when need arises in order to provide better products and services to its customers.


SAMA KEBEL has always committed to ensure that its high standards are adhered to at every stage of the manufacturing process. An in-house team of skilled technicians and engineers conducting constant stringent quality control checks are testament to this pledge. In line with the company’s expansion plan, SAMA KEBEL will continue to employ qualified staff to support the level of its business and operations.


Major electrical wholesalers, dealers and engineering suppliers in Malaysia also rely on our company for quality products.


SAMA KEBEL is member of:

The Malaysian Cable Manufacturers Association ( MCMA )

The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia ( TEEAM )



In-House Research and Development


Apart from the above, SAMA KEBEL has invested in fire testing equipment and has the capabilities to conduct its research and development activities in-house for flame retardant (such as IEC 60332-3 test methods) and fire resistant wires & cables (such as BS 6387 Cat. C, W & Z test methods). The ongoing R & D activities of SAMA KEBEL may include the development of higher flame retardant wires & cables and fire resistant wires & cables with better flexibility.


With products and services ranging from power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, telephone cables and fire resistant cables, the overall strategy of SAMA KEBEL is to build businesses around a focus technology core in order to obtain maximum leverage of its core competencies. One of the strengths of SAMA KEBEL is its investment in R & D activities which allows the company to produce environmental friendly wires & cables ( such as using unleaded PVC compounds and LSHF compounds ) and also enhanced fire performance wires & cables, which in turn enable SAMA KEBEL to extend its market share in the region.



Countries Exported


Up to 31 May 2011, SAMA KEBEL had exported its wires & cables directly to the following countries:


·         Philippines


·         Singapore


·         Maldives


·         Brunei


·         Indonesia


·         Myanmar


·         New Zealand


·         Thailand


·         Hong Kong


·         Korea


·         UAE


·         Qatar


·         Vietnam


·         Germany


·         Lebanon


·         Oman


·         Taiwan


·         Uganda


·         Jordan


·         PNG





Major Projects Supplied


Our wires & cables are supplied to the followings projects through our wholesaler: -


• Malaysia

Kemanman Substation in Kuantan; Kukup Substation Johor; Tudan Substation Miri; Project KTM (OEM); HICOM; Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA); LRT; Stadium Batu Kawan Pulau Pinang; Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC); Putrajaya; Bukit Jalil; Cyberjaya Dengkil; Formula 1 Sepang; Kompleks Sukan Kuala Selangor; Jelantut Palm Oil Mill Pahang; Kulai Indahpura Johor etc.


• Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei

Dewan Majlis Building; Pusat Pemulihan Belia Lelaki Dan Perempuan; Ammunition Bunker MT/GSE Complex; Street Lighting for Perpindahan Serasa; Udang Fasa II, Tutong; Street Lighting Masjid Kampong; Kampong Meragang Contract 8 & 5


• Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport.


• Myanmar

Myanmar International Airport.


• Philippines

Rapu Rapu Mines Project; Subic Shipyard; Consolidated Industrial Gases Inc. (CIGI); JGC Philippines


• Qatar

RAS Gas Limited; QATAR Petrochemical Company Ltd.


• Republic of Maldives

Maldives International Airport; Wataniya Resort; IGMH Hospital; Sonevagigili Residential Villa Project; State Electricity Board


• Singapore

Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd, Pulau Bukom


• Thailand

Petroluem Authority of Thailand; EGAT Plc Power Plant (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand)


• Vietnam

Dung Quat Oil Refinery



The Future


Aim for the excellent, SAMA KEBEL is not content to sit on its laurels. SAMA KEBEL constantly upgrades its manufacturing equipment to the latest and most advance technologies, increases its efficiencies, improves its research and development capabilities for new products and materials, and establishes highest market reputation. We are making plans to expand our product range to a wider array of power cables and instrumentation cables. We are convinced that with our experience and dedicated workforce, we will have the impetus to be at the forefront of the Malaysian cable industry.



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